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What our students say

Below we hear from a few of our Year 7 students on their first year at Oak Wood School.

“My first year at Oak Wood has been fantastic. There are lots more options and opportunities than at primary school such as food technology, as well as lots of trips and exciting extra-curricular things to do. The biggest changes have been all of the new subjects and the bigger facilities.

My favourite subject is English because it is really interactive. We take part in a range of fun activities and learn at the same time. I also like the creative subjects and hope to be a Fashion Designer in the future or perhaps a Therapist as I love to help people.

I am proud to be part of the School Council where we focus on listening to the views of other students and take responsibility for some areas of school life. It is great to share ideas, express our opinions and be listened to so that we can made Oak Wood the best school possible.

I would recommend Oak Wood School because everyone is so supportive and they really believe in you.”

Dima, Selborne Primary School


“I have had lots of fun since joining Oak Wood, learning a variety of subjects and making the most of the range of opportunities available. So far, Science is my favourite because of the exciting experiments, science club after school and our trip to Oxbridge College where we learnt about The Big Bang.

The extra-curricular clubs are great. I take part in science, rugby, football, tennis and rounders and have enjoyed competing in lots of competitions.

Oak Wood helped me to settle in well. Our Head of Year and teachers were welcoming and supportive; and although the Year 10 and 11 students were daunting at first, they were also helpful in showing us around the school if we got lost.

My ambition is to become a Vet and I feel Oak Wood will be able to support me to achieve this goal.”

Jamie, Charville Primary School


“I have loved everything about joining Oak Wood School, particularly the new friends and the new beginnings.

I settled in quickly thanks to the transition day where we got to experience what life would be like at our new school. We had a tour of the school, met other new students and teachers and took part in fun activities such as making potions in science. Since joining Oak Wood, the older students and Place2Be have also helped me to feel at ease.

My favourite subject is maths and I am looking to being able to learn about computing and coding in the future as my ideal career would be in Games Design.”

Euzebiu, Cowley Saint Laurence C.E Primary School


“Since joining Oak Wood, I feel that I have improved in confidence and have learnt a lot. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous before starting in September but I settled in straight away, making lots of new friends.

I have particularly enjoyed P.E. because the school encourages you to be active and it has boosted my confidence playing in team sports. I also love maths because it is an intriguing fun subject. I find it fascinating that you can think solve a problem in every possible way you can but still get the same conclusion. There is always the one answer!

There are so many opportunities for us students at Oak Wood. For example, I have been involved in basketball, science club, dance and netball. There is also a chance to be part of the student council which gives students a voice.

I aspire to be a Politician in the future because I want to make a difference in our country and our world. I love to express myself so feel this would be the perfect job for me.”

Zoya, West Frayton Primary School


“I found it easy to settle in during the first few months at Oak Wood and have had a really positive experience. The transition events were useful as I met lots of new friends and my teachers before I even started secondary school.

Everything changed for me when I started at Oak Wood; I have improved in many skills, such as art, and in confidence. The school’s amazing, new facilities and resources allow me to flourish and the teachers keep us motivated and working hard.

In the future I would like to be an engineer and I truly believe that Oak Wood will provide me with the opportunities to help me achieve this. For example, I have so far received careers advice and taken part in science club. I am looking forward to my next few years at the school!”

Methun, Pinkwell Primary School


“Oak Wood is such a fun school to be at and an inspiring place to learn.

My biggest worry before starting was meeting new people and getting to know different teachers, especially as I moved from outside of the local area. However, the transition event helped me feel welcome and Place2Be always makes sure I have someone to talk to if I need to.

Science is my favourite subject because of the interesting experiments and because I aspire to be a Doctor when I am older. Oak Wood is great at helping me plan for the future and at encouraging me to follow my dreams; they have already had people visit us at the school to talk about their careers.

There are so many activities and trips at Oak Wood. I take part in science club and am a member of some sports teams where we compete against other schools. My favourite trip has been in English where we read six books in six weeks and then got the chance to meet the author of our favourite one!”

Jeanine, Wykeham Primary School