Oak Wood School

Year 9

Miss A Titchmarsh

I became a teacher because I enjoy working with young people and wanted to have a positive impact on their lives.

 I knew that I wanted to take the pastoral route as the wellbeing and all round development of students is so important and the role of a pastoral leader is vital in developing students as a whole.  I believe every student, no matter what their ability, should be enabled to reach their full potential as well as being inspired and enthused.

The pastoral progress of the students is of great importance and underpins their academic progress. Students need to feel they are in a safe environment where they are supported and encouraged to be the best they can. In addition to this working in partnership with parents and carers; encouraging them to be actively involved in their child's education enables students to gain the best possible schooling experience. Supporting all students and families is one of the most rewarding aspects of this job and this can either be done solely within school or in conjunction with other organisations and agencies.

Favourite Part of the Job

Seeing the pastoral progress of students is one of the most rewarding aspects of teaching and will always remain to be so for me. 

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