Oak Wood School

Summer School 2021

Images taken throughout the week with the Year 6 into 7 transition Summer School.

Thanks to our local bakery Burrage & Sons for providing lunch every day for all the pupils and staff.
Summer School Spending 

Our Summer school ran from July 26th until July 30th 2021. It was offered to all our joining year 6 pupils with 60 taking up the offer. It provided a mix of core subject lessons, enrichment activities, trips and transition support. 

Area of spend 




Teachers, Teaching Assistants and Pastoral Staff 


Activities/Trips/enrichment activities 

Bowling, Go Ape, transport 



Lunches/snacks provided 


Lesson resources 

Materials, equipment, ingredients 


Pupil resources 

Drinking bottles/pencil cases/equipment 




£ 14,240.32