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What is a High Attaining Pupil (HAP)?

HAP stands for High Attaining Pupils based on their Key Stage 2 data. We use students’ KS2 English (reading) and Maths test scores on completion of their primary school phase.

Oak Wood School is committed to ensuring that our HAPs students receive provision that enables them to reach their full potential.  All subject areas have specific strategies for meeting the needs of high ability students.

To further support this, students identified as HAPs are invited to participate in a number of sessions over the academic year that are focused on developing higher level thinking skills as well as challenging and inspiring the students. In addition, subject areas ensure our HAPs students are given opportunities to use and develop their skills and talents in lessons and outside the classroom. A number of extra-curricular and enrichment activities are provided during the course of the year to provide additional appropriate opportunities.

Parents and carers can support this process by encouraging:

  • Completion of homework and extension tasks at home
  • Wider reading from a range of more varied texts – please contact the English department for advice
  • Students to develop a wide range of interests outside of their school life
  • Visits to higher and further education venues with students.
Any more details, please contact Miss Horwood- Assistant Headteacher